Textiles. Fashioned by Heusch.

The finishing touch. When our customers shear their textiles, these have already come a long way through production and processing. Now comes the finale. The product is infused with emotions: feel and appearance are decided on. This is the moment when we discover whether the final product is fluffy or soft, whether the colors shine. The finishing touch decides whether it provokes "ahs" and "oohs" of astonishment from the customers when they see it and feel it. No mistakes can be made now. Otherwise the effort has been in vain.


The guarantee of success: HEUSCH textile shearing spiral blades.

Reliable quality for the finishing touch.

Dense velvet, shimmering silk, fine embroidery, fluffy furs, thick fabrics, high pile rugs, cuddly furs, trendy furniture fabrics, high-tech microfibre cloths, knitted and embroidered goods...

...The list of fabrics that are shorn with HEUSCH shearing spiral blades is long.