What makes Heusch special?


LEATHER Division

Complete product portfolio for the leather industry

  • Unique hardening process for leather blades(extreme hardness combined with high elasticity)
  • The only leather blade made of stainless steel
  • Leather blades available for all fleshing and shaving machine manufacturers in all sizes
  • Fur cutters for fur processing
  • Special blades for special applications

Reblading Service

  • Reblading of cylinders
  • Care and maintenance of all parts
  • Repairs of fleshing and shaving cylinders
  • Manufacture of new fleshing and shaving cylinders


TEXTILE Division

Optimized blades for all requirements in textile shearing

  • Spiral blades available for all shearing machine manufacturers in all sizes
  • Caulked spiral shearing blades for fabrics with high density and/or heavy yarn gauge
  • Scalable cuts from 0-25 cuts/cm
  • Ledger blade in three materials (HL, H4 and Polymant)

Unique service

  • Worldwide maintenance and troubleshooting services
  • Construction of complete shearing tools
  • Repairs to shearing cylinders and complete shearing tools up to 6.5 m in length (6 m working width)
  • Manufacture of complete shearing cylinders in  lengths up to 6.5 m (6 m working width)


Individual technology solutions

Assistance in the development of special applications

  • Shears for coconut, sisal matting, etc.
  • Recycling of carpet tiles
  • Foam processing and cutting
  • Brush shears


Training courses

individual and comprehensiv

covering the subjects

  • Leather
  • Textiles

All training courses are tailored to the specific needs and requirements, processes and machines.

These workshops take place right on your site or at our premises in Aachen.