Do you want to be sure that production always runs smoothly?
Keep machine downtime to the minimum and of course get the best production results?


We take care of the regular maintenance of your shearing units, set them up to best serve your needs and if necessary replace bearings, blades, etc - before damage appears due to high wear or fatigue.

Save unwanted downtime.
Use the HEUSCH service.
Regular maintenance and servicing takes the strain off your machines and off your nerves.


Heusch services

  • Installing and caulking so that the new blade is "properly seated”
  • Grinding, so that ledger blades and shearing cylinder are properly aligned
  • Sharpening for clean shearing
  • Levelling for an even cut at the same height
  • Counterbalancing for a smooth production process and reduced wear on machines
  • Repair of all defective shearing units
  • Revision of axles, bearings and shaft supports (including inner rings)
  • Replacement of broken spirals or shear blades
  • Grinding of cylinder (wet and dry)
  • Fabric optimized configuration and adjustment of your shearing machine