New challenges? Innovative solutions.

Do you need support in developing specific applications?
Do you want to take a close look at your production process?
Or do you want to upgrade in terms of environmental protection and optimize your manufacturing process?


The world is changing: Standards, guidelines, benchmarks. This is a time of change.
Which poses challenges for companies: on environmental protection, as regards legal requirements, and on the composition of materials.


New technological processes are required.
HEUSCH is an innovation partner for new technological processes.

With fresh ideas. With a vast amount of technical expertise.

We are versed in thinking about well-known processes in new ways and developing new technologies based on the tried-and-tested.


A high-class team of HEUSCH engineers is ready to develop new technological processes in your organization.
And if required with the assistance of Institutes from the renowned Technical University of Aachen.


Exploit unusual ideas and solutions.
Simply give us a call.