Which fibres can be shorn by HEUSCH textile shearing spiral blades?



Cotton, wool, silk, sisal, coconut...

Synthetic fibres

Polyamide, polyester, acrylic, Spandex [Lycra or elasthane], carbon...

Why is the material shorn?

  • To give the surface the desired look and feel
  • To increase the color intensity
  • To clean the material
  • To open loops (for terry, carpeting, etc)
  • To remove threads on embroided goods
  • To smooth the surface

What affects the shearing results?

  • The fixing of the spiral on the cylinder
  • Number of cuts
  • Ledger blade type
  • The condition of the ledger blade
  • The overall settings of the shearing unit
  • The speed at which the fabric is passed
  • Tension of the fabric
  • The condition of the fabric prior to shearing

Presentation Textile Workshop Istanbul

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