Ideas. Determination. Energy.

It all started with an innovation:
Severin Heusch, the company founder, developed the first mechanical shearing blade.
A milestone in the history of textiles.


HEUSCH sets standards.

Yesterday and today.

1850 Establishment of industrial manufacture of textile spirals

1900 1st complete shearing unit

1903 Introduction of modern concave spirals

1930 Fleshing and shaving blades

1971 Invention of the all-steel leather blade

1975 Introduction of induction hardening of shearing spiral blades

1979 Application for the patent "new file cut" for textile spirals

1982 1st fully hardened ledger blade

1994 1st polymant ledger blade

2012 1st stainless steel leather blade

2014 World first self sharpening textile spiral SIRIUS*


But HEUSCH not only develops solutions that are useful for a great number of applications.
We also work out individual concepts - all tailored to the needs of our customers.
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