Heusch delivers on CO2-reduction

November, 11th 2020 the UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres urged: “It is essential that the European Union commits to reducing emissions by at least 55% by 2030.”

At Heusch  we asked ourselves: “How can we contribute to achieve this ambitious target?”

After rigorously scrutinizing our production and administrative processes we identified our electric power consumption as the single biggest lever to reduce CO2-emissions. Instead of depending on the energy mix provided by our power supplier (out of renewal and fossil fuels) we wanted to generate our own - 100% renewal - energy by applying state of the art photovoltaic technology.

Today we are happy to announce that all our suitable roof area is covered with photovoltaic cells providing an electrical power of 476 kWp. Now, a substantial portion of our power needs originates from CO2-neutral energy generation.

Just 10 months after we sincerely committed our self to substantial CO2 reduction Heusch delivers on this commitment. It is a beacon to our pledge to sustainable development.


Heusch delivers on co2 reduction


Posted on 14-12-2021

New Authorized Officer

On Friday, November 19th 2021 we bid farewell to Mr. Beeck our longtime Head of Finance and authorized officer.

After 47 years working in various capacities in different industries, he will now enjoy life as retiree.

New power of attorney has been granted to Mr. Stefan Inden, Head of Production for Heusch GmbH & Co. KG.

Posted on 22-11-2021

The impact of BREXIT on supply chain

No change for EU-based customers of Heusch blades after 01.01.2021. All processes stay the same.

EU-based customers buying products from the UK will encounter the following changes:

  1. Imperative customs declaration
  2. Import sales tax
  3. Potential EU-approval of goods
  4. Extended customs handling times

Posted on 19-01-2021


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